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Great Online Videos for Learning In, For, and About the Environment

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Title    Creator  Genre Audience Length   In/For/About Topics

Animals Save the Planet

  Animal Planet Commercials P, J, I 11 x 30 - 50 sec. About/For Tips for Saving the Planet
Earth Song   Michael Jackson Music Video I, S, A 7min 33sec In/About



Ecolive.TV Environmental Videos   Ecolive.TV Mini Documentaries J, I, S, A   About/For

Environmental Issues

Home    Arthus-Bertand, Yann  Documentary I, S, A 1hr 33min  In/About/For  
It Was Beautiful Here   Survival, an international organization supporting tribal peoples
    1min 4sec About Deforestation
The Lorax   Dr. Suess Story Adaptation P, J 25min About



Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain   Survival, an international organization supporting tribal peoples Documentary I, S, A 11min About



Water Pollution

National Geographic Environmental Videos    National Geographic  Documentaries J, I, S, A    About/For Environmental Issues 



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